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Dr. Ashraf Sabri
diving medicine consultant diplomed from RENE DESCARTES university of Paris 1994, Diplomed diving medicin iFrom Toulouse University 2010 nstructor, , Chief of medical commetee of Egyptian underwater federation, member of medical commetee of international diving Federation

We have female and male diving instructors and Dive master. All are PADI or SSI or CMAS qualified which make our work easy for most of the visitors with different qualifications. Our technicians are well qualified and trained on compressors and different diving equipments Our compressor is K 14 – Boer . We have 100 diving tanks Al. (din& international ) LANGUAGES we speak ENGLISH - French - Italian .


We are the only recognized dive center on the underwater city of Cleopatra, we started our activities to take divers from the whole world to visit and touch the secrets of CLEOPATRA underwater of Alexandria. We take you to see and touch more than 11000 archeological pieces which includes sphinexs, statues, columns ( pharhaonic - Greek Roman ) press wine, Obilisque , and its base, parts of Ancient Light House of Alexandria , Royal amphoras , royal lime stones of the palace, columns and statues of the palace, you will dive on the plane of World War II (British Baufort type) crashed on the palace of cleopatra at depth of 5m., columns with herogrefic scripts


This beautiful oasis is chosen by tourists looking for the warm sun, calm nature, and a healthy life. Many villages has been constructed in Siwa, preserving the natural style according to the old siwan style, using soil mud and palm trees as construction material. Even banks, stors , shops, villages, and restaurants are all buit in the same old Siwan style, which added to the beauty of the oasis. The area is also famous for its springs, of which there are approximately 1,000. The water is sweet, and is said to have medical properties. Although it is very relaxing, it is certainly a part of the tourist community in Egypt now