What Is Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, also known as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, is an American automobile rental service headquartered in Clayton, Missouri, within Greater St. Louis area. Enterprise is currently the flagship brand of Enterprise Holding, which owns several other agencies such as Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental as well. The company was founded by two car dealerships,umbers Raybestos and Robert Allison, who decided to start the company in early 1994 with the goal of providing consumers with the best car rentals at reasonable rates. Since then, they have expanded to include various budget options and services for corporate and personal use as well.

To understand how Enterprise Rent-A-Car works, it’s important to understand how a corporation works. Under the US corporate law system, corporations are considered legal entities that own and operate the business solely for their own benefit. A corporations’ primary purpose is to secure loans with various financing institutions. If the corporation receives enough loans, it can purchase additional properties to secure more loans. This ensures that the corporation will always be able to pay for the cars it leases. But unlike sole proprietorships, corporations don’t have to provide any management or maintenance for the vehicles they rent out, although in some states, they may be liable for accidents that occur on their property.

As an entity for the purposes of renting cars, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has several differences from a sole proprietorship. While a sole proprietor is limited in its liability, an Enterprise renting out vehicles is not. This is because an enterprise is considered an ongoing, for-profit business. Enterprise Rent-A-Car, unlike a sole proprietorship, can be sued for injuries or damage to a tenant caused by renting out the company’s vehicle. While an Enterprise can elect to be a for-profit entity, they cannot elect to be an unlimited liability corporation.