4G Mobile Phones

A mobile phone, also known as mobile, cellphone, mobile phone or hand phone, occasionally shortened to just mobile phone and sometimes just cell, is a wireless telephone which can make and receive telephone calls via a radio signal link while the user is traveling within a telephone service region. The number of mobile phones available is increasing exponentially in line with the increasing availability of mobile service providers in different countries. Most providers offer their services over the public switched telephone network (SCTP). This is a digital network that provides users the capability of making telephone calls from any compatible telephone handset. The most recent mobile phones are equipped with built-in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) capabilities. VoIP allows users to call over the internet using a traditional telephone handset or a mobile phone.

A typical mobile has the following features: a touch screen display, QWERTY keyboard, memory card, camera, speaker, USB, web browser and various other software applications. Some modern mobile phones also include GPS technology, allowing the location of the mobile to be indicated on the screen and the sending of voice mail, e-mails and fax messages over the internet. The global system for wireless communication also known as GSM, uses the same basic principles as the international system for cell telephone communications (ICC/GSM International), which allows multiple access to the same exchange.

As with other types of devices, the popularity of mobile phones has been on the rise, particularly with the younger generation who has grown to understand how convenient and cost effective these devices are. There has been a rapid growth in the use of the device both for domestic and business purposes. Smartphones are being used by individuals of all ages. Some adults have even managed to acquire Blackberry smartphones for purposes not related to business. Apart from using the mobile phones for personal communication, some businesses have started using the devices for data telecommunication, especially for their customer service calls.