A Brief Guide to Tech

“Tech” is a broad term encompassing many of the newer fields and sciences that are rapidly growing and changing every day. Technology is the collective sum of human knowledge, skills, techniques, and methods employed in the creation of products or services or in the successful accomplishment of specific goals, including scientific research. The word “tech” does not point toward anything specific. For example, “Tech” could be used to describe any one of a number of new age practices and technologies, including computer networking, information technology, telecommunications, and the Internet itself. All these are relevant to the study of technology, but the field itself – technology – is vast and extremely diverse.

One of the growing fields in technology is information technology. In this field, computer scientists and engineers are using more advanced techniques and equipment in an effort to create new information products and solutions. Some of the current examples of technology products include personal computers, handheld devices such as laptops and smart phones, digital information systems, network services, e-mail, and high-speed networks. In information technology, technological change occurs mainly in fields such as software, hardware, networking, and microelectronics.

Other examples of growing tech companies include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Whirlpool, Dell, Nortel, RIM, and Sun Microsystems. Within these larger tech companies, the scope and scale of activity vary widely. A company such as Apple, for example, has established a technology campus in Silicon Valley, housing tens of thousands of engineers. On the other hand, Microsoft and Cisco, two giants of the information technology world, have established a massive research and development facilities in the state of California. Whichever area of tech that interests you, keep reading.