A Career in Technology

Technology is the collection of various methods, skills, and practices used in the creation of new products or services, including scientific investigation, computer science, and other technical fields. In broad terms, the technology can be viewed as the fusion of art and science and the resultant product of human knowledge. The development of new products, processes, and techniques is carried out by those who possess the technical knowledge and skills necessary to complete the task. Such individuals are called techies.

A number of career options are available in the tech sector. One can pursue a job in research in a university or company laboratories as a technologist, or work in a firm that creates new technology products as a software engineer, information systems analyst, computer analyst, or other type of specialist. There are also a number of jobs available in colleges and universities as well as in industry as technologists, consultants, or staff in Information Technology departments. A number of tech job titles have emerged over time to distinguish individuals with different technical skills. For example, an Information Technology Systems Manager could be responsible for managing the entire IT infrastructure, overseeing the day-to-day technical projects, budgets, and staff.

Artificial intelligence, computer engineering, and other forms of scientific research are becoming important aspects of the tech sector in which more employees are pursuing degrees in these fields. A number of industries and companies are investing in this field to create new technologies, such as self-piloted cars, computer networks, digital camera and other technologies. Researchers and technologists in this field also contribute to the industry through developing new informational technologies, discovering new methods for information processing, and are conducting research in cognitive science, engineering, and computer science. Many companies are involved in business research as well, funding studies for technological innovations to address current and future needs.