A Few Words on Enterprise

Enterprise is used to describe something done with a great deal of thought and effort – something that is a success in all aspects. It is used to describe something that takes time and research, and then does it. In business it is used to describe something you are involved with for a long period of time; such as a company or an organization. It can also be used to describe something that is new, innovative, or something done with technology or just with your own ideas. Basically, Enterprise encompasses the idea of doing things that require a lot of planning and organization, but are done well and efficiently.

ENTERPRIZE. Enterprise refers to an entrepreneur who undertakes something with a great deal of planning and research. An entrepreneur may say he is enterprising when he starts a business, but will most likely say it again as he makes money and turns the idea into a reality. And usually those who say they are enterprising are actually quite successful at what they do – and, most importantly, are very passionate about it!

ENTREPRIZE. Entrepeneurs believe that the word “entrepreneur” has negative connotations. That’s why they use the word enterprise to describe themselves and their activities. They are not “entrepreneurial,” but rather “enterprising.”