Enterprise Application

Enterprise refers to any for-profit enterprise begun and operated by an individual entrepreneur. Often entrepreneurs will state that they are “entrepreneurial” – in other words, they are simply enterprising. The origins of this word actually lie in the French term entreprendre (meaning to undertake), which in turn came from the Latin inter pretensis, meaning to agree on terms. Thus, the term ultimately evolved to mean “to undertake.” It is basically an inclusive term encompassing all forms of for-profit enterprise.

The worksite for an enterprise software system can be considered to be an on-line version of the small business website. In fact, many of the same “SEO” specialists are also” Enterprise Support specialists.” This is because the basic business website is essentially a copy site of sorts. The website is used to provide information, interact with visitors and attract business. This interactive website is the virtual “real world” of the business enterprise.

Many entrepreneurs fail to see the importance of a sound business plan. The business plan is the outline of the enterprise. The entrepreneur must write a business plan for his or her venture. This is a document that clearly states the goals of the business, the methods of organizing the enterprise as well as the funding sources for the enterprise. A sound business plan is absolutely essential for the survival of any venture, but especially for the enterprise software system entrepreneur.