What Are Enterprise Application Software?

Enterprise is derived from the Latin words expurgationis (to wipe out) and animadvertis (to advertise). Enterprise therefore, is about undertaking activities to achieve a goal. Usually, when we speak of enterprise, we envision something commercial and for-profit. And usually, those who are running such enterprises will often say that those running such enterprises are entrepreneurial. The origins of the term therefore lie in the French term adventurire (from adventurieux), meaning to take on, which in turn came from the Latin exigere, means to aim.

Enterprise software, on the other hand, is a general term used to refer to specific types of computer software applications developed and used for Demo PGSOFT and running business processes. Enterprise software differs from its commercial counterpart in that it is aimed at providing managers and leaders in large organizations with software applications that can help them efficiently streamline business processes, thereby increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving quality. Today, enterprise software is very important for all businesses large and small because businesses today require more than just accounting and bookkeeping; they also need social and technical competencies, as well as the capacity to work as a team rather than as individuals. Therefore, for any enterprise to excel, it must be able to channel the right people and the right information to achieve its goals.

As an example, in a manufacturing concern, enterprise software would include business processes like accounting and human resources management. In addition, it would also include business processes aimed at ensuring competitiveness and maintaining quality: manufacturing standards, quality assurance, and waste management. There are many types of enterprise applications software available today, but the most important and critical is the enterprise system, which is made up of key elements like the enterprise database, enterprise data management, enterprise application software, and the enterprise web server.