What Does Enterprise Mean?

Enterprise is used frequently in business today to describe a business model that is unique and different from other similar businesses. But what exactly does this term mean? Enterprise can mean different things to different people. For example, one person might refer to it as a business venture while another person might think of it as a way of life.

Result Hongkong. Enterprise relates to a business begun and conducted by an individual entrepreneur. The core roots of this term probably lie in the French term entre premi (meaning before birth) which in turn came from the Latin intra nostra premiis (before the nose). A more specific meaning of enterprise is “the bringing together of assets and funds for the purpose of achieving a public undertaking”.

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The key to being successful in any venture is to be involved in it from the beginning until it is successful. It is impossible to achieve success without involvement from the time you decide to venture forth into the world. Therefore, an enterprise is only successful if there is a successful entrepreneur involved from its conception until it becomes a successful business. The key to being involved in the business from its conception until it becomes successful is to select individuals who are capable of turning that conception into a successful enterprise. These entrepreneurs must be talented, they must possess vision, and they must be dedicated to providing customers with excellent service.