What is Enterprise Software?

An enterprise is generally a term employed in the business world to define a business or project undertaken for profit. It’s most commonly used with the term “enterprise”, which is often applied with the phrase “enterprise capital”. Usually, in extension, it denotes the business entity carrying out the enterprise, and hence, is often interchangeable with the corporation, partnership or firm.

This is why many people often refer to as an enterprise or an entrepreneur, even when referring to new businesses. The definition of an enterprise is quite simple; a venture that combines individuals or small teams to undertake some specific tasks with an aim to achieve a particular end. Examples of common enterprise activities include production, design, sales, marketing and/or management. Most enterprises are usually a combination of all these components.

For example, retailing enterprises may be retail stores, wholesalers, dropshipping companies or an eBay auction store. An enterprise customer is the customer who has ordered products or services from the enterprise, has agreed to transact with them via a transactional system, such as a sales order, a contract, or a payment gateway. Enterprise customers are normally larger than customers; however, they can be either independent or integrated. Enterprise customers can either be end users who purchase products and services directly from the enterprise or end users who use the enterprise’s systems to process payments.