Hiring a Technologist

Technology is the combination of any existing techniques, skills, systems, techniques, or procedures utilized in the achievement of specific objectives, for example scientific research or in the manufacturing of specific products or services. There are various types of technology. One example is information technology, which involves information systems such as computer networks, software, electrical engineering, digital and information communications, multimedia arts, computer chips and photography. Other examples are transportation technologies, aerospace technologies, medical technologies, and various types of energy technologies.

A number of technical careers require knowledge of one or more fields from several different technology industries. Computer technician jobs require an understanding of information technology, network administration, computer systems, computer software, network security, firmware, and security. An information security specialist needs to understand both information technology infrastructure and information systems. A computer systems engineer also needs to comprehend both infrastructure and systems engineering. In the information security field, a technologist who specializes in computer systems will likely be qualified to work as a systems analyst, a reverse administrator, or a computer systems engineer.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are approximately 15 percent more open positions in the information technology industry than there are available jobs in the technology industry. This means that many people with technical skills are not hiring. To attract and retain these people, small businesses must be creative in their hiring practices. For instance, a recruitment agency may help to provide IT professionals with the information technology industry internship they need to gain entrance into the field.