What is Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

Enterprise comes from the root words enterprise, ” endeavour”, and “workers”. It therefore implies endeavour or exertion, with workers. And for those who believe that workers are the ones who make an enterprise flourish, this word may give them a wrong impression. enterprise is however commonly used in a negative sense to signify something that has failed – in business sense.

Enterprise also refers to a commercial company started and operated by an individual. And the ones who usually say that those running such companies are really enterprising are often those who have not tried out running one. The origins of this word however come from the French term commensurate, meaning to correspond, which in turn derived from the Latin word commiseratus, meaning “one who compares” or “one who gives an account”. Thus, by taking the root words from both words, we get to an enterprise that involves account management, with a little bit of account management thrown in for good measure. Enterprise therefore then literally means “alliance for the purpose of managing”.

There are two big advantages of using enterprise software for small businesses. First, it provides the entrepreneur with a single platform through which all his business processes can be located. This is obviously very important since each of these processes will involve a considerable amount of time and money. Furthermore, having one place where all the necessary information and processes are located allows for much faster decision making. And when it comes to speed, the best way to achieve this is through enterprise resource planning or ERP. Enterprise resource planning software will help the entrepreneur to eliminate wastes and make more efficient use of his time, money and effort.